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I Sold My House For Gold

Selling a property in these tough economic times can be a great challenge but a home owner may have several good reasons to consider getting rid of their home by themselves. One is the fact that they know their house better than anybody else putting them in the best position to sell it, this is a great point as they have full control over the situation. If they decide to sell it by themselves they will also be able to avoid paying commissions to home brokers. Whatever the reason i was totally blown away when a couple came to see my house and offered a bar of Gold for it.

When selling a house i was always told to;

 gold and silver Study The Local Market
  Over anything else try and familiarize yourself with the local market,checkout the community real estate section of your local magazine and the appropriate websites to learn what similar homes there are in your area. Dig into the market situation grouping the neighborhoods in your town into high and medium priced brackets and then decide on the category in which your home falls. Set an upper as well as a lower limit the price of your house, the easiest way of doing this is hiring an expert to evaluate the value of your home. These professionals are always familiar with the current market prices of property and will always rely on their knowledge to determine their values.


Still all of this could never prepare me the offer of my gold for my house, i mean who does that? And how the hell am i going to work out how much this bar of Gold is and if it’s fake or not.
I did say to the couple that i needed to do necessary repairs to my home before it would be ready for sale, but they didn’t seem to mind which got me thinking.
If your house is not in a good condition then the first thing you should do before informing buyers that it is for sale is complete the renovations. However these guy’s didn’t seem bothered and didn’t seem to mind wasting money remodeling rooms such as bathrooms and they said that most home buyers tend to change them after the purchase. I was in doubt so i hired a professional to help me to, one value the and two check the authenticity of the Gold.

My Gold guy (as i liked to call him) took me and the buyer to his shop took out all these different gadgets and tools to inspect the bar and after half an hour of investigating the bar told me it was genuine and it was worth well in excess of 20% more that i had the listed my property for.


Again i  was still not convinced so i had a second expert look at it before i could go ahead with the deal, but to my surprise he said the same figure also.


This had to be the strangest deal that i had ever done, but after everything was complete i sold the Gold to a investment broker and i made (as the guy said) an extra 20% more on my house that i listed it for.


I leant a lot from selling houses over this time period and put together my own ebook to help sellers out with selling their homes. It’s a tough market out there so here are a few excepts from my ebook to help you out. I hope you find them useful and contributes to selling your house fast.


Include Pictures of Your In Your Listing

 gold barsOnce your home has been renovated and it is in perfect shape you will start to attract buyers, take some good photos of your property and include them in your sales ad. Before even looking the seller’s contact details home buyers tend to check out the pictures and will only be attracted to those that seem to have great kerb appeal. Highlight in your pictures the special features of your house like the garden or any other good attribute that your home has. You should also not forget to bring to light your community assets and those aspects that make the day-to-day life in your neighborhood an enjoyable instance, the social amenities, a good transport network and anymore.


Market Your Home

Aggressive marketing is an important aspect of every sale. Therefore do not hesitate to  strategically place the for sale signs. Let potential buyers know that you are offering something. List your house on sales directories both online and in the magazines to reach out to many people as possible. You may also instruct local realtors that you are selling your home since these people will have potential home buyers. In other words avoid being stuck in one place.


Be Flexible In The Market

If you want to get rid of your home fast you need not to be correct in terms of the price you are quoting, in other words always be ready to adjust it to avoid being a one-dimensional and ”hard to trade with” seller, this is the only way you will be capable of making a quick sale remember the longer your home stays on the market the less interested buyers will be in it. You may encourage potential clients by offering an incentive such as your furniture or any other valuable gifts to the person who will purchase it.


Homes that cost what buyers are willing to pay tend to sell fast unlike those that are deemed to be way too expensive. This is known as the ”market value” which is the actual price that somebody you do not know is willing to pay whatever you are offering.

One last thing to remember is to look in to a we buy any house company as these can sometimes offer you a surprisingly good price for your property as they can sometimes have buyers waiting in the wings to buy a property like yours in your area, this way they can make a quick profit themselves as well as you selling quickly.

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