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How Gold Is Effecting Our Renewable Energy

The debate over climate change, energy security and other allied topics have grown shriller over past many years. However, one particular subject that most of us can agree upon is that our reliance over fossil fuel is neither sustainable nor desirable. Given the rapid pace with which clean energy technologies as well as energy storage technologies are progressing, it appears inevitable that our reliance on renewable energy will only grow in the coming years.  We are now also finding that our Gold reverses are also having to be looked at as this direct impact on climate change is having a direct impact of finding fresh Gold reserves.
Why should we look forward to and welcome our increased reliance on renewable energy in the coming years? Here is a list of top 7 reasons that should leave you in no doubt about over this issue.

1. A genuine and scalable alternative

Renewable energy sources and their exploitation are no longer merely science projects. They have moved well ahead into the industrial domain with sound commercial logic and latest technologies backing them. Today, solar and wind power are competing with fossil fuel on price per unit on a favorable basis. Going forward, we can expect even more technological innovations that will further bring down the cost of renewable energy, making them the most economical option for end consumer. The share of renewable energy is growing at an unprecedented pace and this trend is set to continue well into the future.

2. Environmental friendly

Burning fossil fuel releases a massive and unsustainable levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. According to scientist, carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere leading to global warming and climate change. However, with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, there is zero emission of such green house gases, ensuring that our planet remains a habitable place for humans and other species alike in the future.

3. We are never running out of them

One of the biggest danger of over reliance on fossil fuel is that they are an exhaustible resource. If we continue to use them at our current pace, it’ll only be a matter of few decades before we run out of them. However, there is no such risk with renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind. This is why they are called renewable, as the sun and the wind are always going to be available.

thermal technology

4. Universally available

One of the biggest benefits of increased use of renewable energy is that they, unlike fossil fuels, are available in practically every corner of the world. Renewable energy, because they can be set up by an individual without any reliance on big companies, are also economically empowering. By their very nature, renewable energy resists monopolistic practices that we have come to expect from traditional utility companies.

5. May contribute to global peace

It is a well known fact that a lot of wars and strife that we witness around the world, especially in the fossil fuel rich West Asia, is caused due energy conflicts. However, as the importance of traditional sources of hydrocarbon based energy goes down, we can expect a lot of geopolitical disputes to come to an end. Countries that have so far been dependent on other fossil fuel rich countries will no longer have to rely on imports for energy independence.

6. The depreciation of our Gold reserves

Over the last few years the government has seen a direct impact on the decline in our Gold reserves over other countries. It is now turning to recycling companies to head up the fight to save these fast diminishing.  Companies that are picking up household waste and disposing of it in landfills are now being told to buckle up and look forward to the ride of their lives because there is going to be a tax on the landfill and all because of the Gold depleting. We spoke to and interviewed a skip hire company – household waste who have been in the business for years and they simple said they would just pass the cost onto their customers.